Journal of Hong Kong College of Radiologists

Volume 4 Number 2, 2001

Suprasellar Ependymoma

VCY Chiu,1 CM Chan,1 PTG Chan,2 HM Chiu,3 YLJ Cheung,1 CHS Chan1
1Department of Radiology and Imaging, 2Department of Pathology, 3Department of Neurosurgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Supratentorial ependymomas account for approximately 40% of intracranial ependymomas. We present an unusual case of supratentorial ependymoma, with both clinical and radiological features of a suprasellar tumour. (J HK Coll Radiol 2001;4:169-172)

Key words : Computed tomography, Ependymoma, Magnetic resonance imaging, Suprasellar

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