Journal of Hong Kong College of Radiologists

Volume 4 Number 1, 2001
Articles Type Topic Author
Invited Review The Clinical Oncology Coordinating Committee Guideline on Carcinoma GKH Au and members of Co-ordinating Committee in Clinical Oncology
  Hong Kong Clinical Oncology Coordinating Committee Guideline on the management of breast cancers NP Mendenhall
High Dose Chemotherapy for High Risk Primary Breast Cancer WH Kwan
  Postmastectomy radiotherapy: A review I Kunkler
T3-T4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Larynx Treated with Radiation therapy WM Mendenhall, RJ Amdur, AA Mancuso, RW Hinerman, DB Villaret, RR Carroll, SP Stringer
Review Article Role of radioisotope in sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer: A discussion paper WK Hung, Y Lau, CM Chan, AWC Yip
Inherited Susceptibility to Breast Cancer US Khoo
The Impact of Stereotactic Radiotherapy on Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Management S Y Tsao
Original Article Lung volume measurement in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Application of helical computed tomography GC Ooi, KWT Tsang, TF Cheung, WK Lam, CYM Fok, FML Ng, FL Chan, H Ngan
  Ultrasound Guided Hyperthermal Therapies for Hepatocellular Carcinoma JW Chen, MD Lu, XY Xie, L Liu, M Kuang, LJ Liang, JF Huang
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal WM Mendenhall, SE Mitchell, RA Zlotecki, RR Carroll, EM Copeland III
  Airways Disease in AIDS: HRCT Features RT Dwyer, A Taranto
Case Report Spontaneous Anterolateral Abdominal Wall Hematoma - Ultrasound, CT and MR Imaging WT Yang, PBS Lai, PWH Lee, C Metreweli
Elastofibroma Dorsi LF Chau, SK Wan, PT Chan, KS Yu, CW Lai
Pictorial Essay Imaging of granulocytic sarcomas GC Ooi, PL Khong