Journal of Hong Kong College of Radiologists


Volume 7 Number 3, 2004


PET/CT: a Modality Important to All 3 Specialties of the College...and More
YL Chan

Review Article

Combined Positron-emission TomographyˇVComputed Tomography: Merging Form with Function
ASC Ching,TK Au-Yong,CM Tong

Original Articles

Effect of Retrospective Electrocardiography-gating on Quality of High-resolution Computed Tomography Images of the Lung
Z Pan, H Zhang, H Ling, B Ding, Q Song, K Chen, H Jiang

Rebiopsy after Stereotactic Core-needle Breast Biopsy: Prospective Study
CY Lui,HS Lam, KF Tam, EPY Fung, LK Chan

The Role of Surgical Resection, Radiation Dose, and Radiation Field Size in the Management of Gastric Lymphoma: Retrospective Study
AT Monroe, RW Hinerman, CG Morris, NP Mendenhall

Radiation Dose to Patients Undergoing Interventional Radiological Procedures in Selected Hospitals in Malaysia: Retrospective Study
B Sapiin, KH Ng, BJJ Abdullah

Case Reports

A Case of Breast Cancer with Diabetic Mastopathy: Radiological and Pathological Correlation
EPY Fung, KF Tam, Li Allen, WF Yuen, J Lo, JCS Chan1

Isolated Haemorrhagic Brain Metastasis from Lung Adenocarcinoma in a 68-year-old Man
ASC Ching, PN Chan, HK Ng, KM Tse, YL Chan

Intraosseous Lipoma: Report of 2 Cases
FCY Lam, JLY Leung, SJ Shu, ACL Chan, MK Chan, DHS Fung

Malignant Mesenchymoma Presenting as a Paraspinal Mass in a 14-year-old Boy
HS Fung, JLY Leung, SJ Shu, YL Lam, ACL Chan, SCH Chan

Pictorial Essay

Choledochol Cysts: a Variety of Imaging Presentations in Adults
WH Luk, EPY Fung, TKL Loke, JCS Chan