Journal of the Hong Kong College of Cardiology

Volume 12 Number 1 / 2, January / April 2004
Articles Type Topic Author
Editorial Implantable Device Prescription in 2004: A Complex Business? Chu-Pak Lau
Original Articles Two Cases of Long-term Coronary Sinus Pacing by Medtronic Model 6992 Lead Yuji Nakazato and Yasuro Nakata
  Surgery for Cardiac Tumors (Primary and Secondary) - Clinical Experience and Surgical Results in 22 Patients: Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kar-wai Lam, Chan-chung Ma, Kwok-Keung Ho, Cheung-Wah ChENG, Kam-Tim Chan
  Impact of a Multidisciplinary Heart Failure Management Programme on Clinical Outcomes and Hospital Admissions Tat-chi Leung, Chung-tai Sy, May Shuk-mai Lam, Kam-wah Wong, Sai-ho Dai, Pui-yee Law, Shu-kin Li
Letter to the Editor Electron Beam Computed Tomography