Journal of the Hong Kong College of Cardiology

Volume 11 Number 1, January 2003

The Role of Ultra-fast Computed Tomography in the Assessment of Suspected or Known Coronary Artery Disease

Louise E J Thomson, Harvey D White
From Green Lane Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand

The use of electron beam computed tomography (EBCT) for non-invasive assessment of coronary artery calcium is growing in popularity but remains controversial. There is uncertainty regarding the place this test has in clinical practice and the conclusions that may or may not be drawn from test results. However, it is clear that EBCT can be used to address defined clinical questions regarding the presence and severity of the atherosclerotic process. On the horizon, there is developing potential for non-invasive coronary imaging using new electron beam technology that may soon rival existing multi-detector computed tomography and coronary angiography for imaging of coronary arteries. Frustratingly, despite continuing research in this exciting area, there remains a paucity of evidence to guide the application of this modality to daily clinical practice.

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