Journal of the Hong Kong College of Cardiology

Volume 9 Number 3, July 2001

Pilot Community Survey of Cardiovascular Risks

Suet-ting LAU, Chun-wai CHIU, Wai-suen LEUNG, Kin-wah CHAN, Albert Chan*

From Department of Medicine and Geriatrics, Department of Pathology*, Princess Margaret Hospital, Hong Kong

LAU et al.: Pilot Community Survey of Cardiovascular Risks. A pilot cardiovascular risk survey and heart health promotion project was conducted for the local community. Demographics and medical history were obtained with a questionnaire. Modifiable risks including smoking, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesteraemia, obesity and physical inactivities were assessed. The total cholesterol results of the portable blood monitoring system was compared to the venous sample tested in the hospital laboratory. The need for medical intervention according to the risks was assessed. One hundred and eighty-two subjects volunteered for the survey with 63 males and 119 females. The prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors are high. 47% had BMI greater than 25. 11% were smokers. 6% had blood pressure >160/100 mmHg. 49.4% do not have regular exercise. 9.34% had a spot sugar >11 mmol/l and 62% had total cholesterol >5.2 mmol/l. General advice for lifestyle modification were applicable to 83% of the participants while 46.7% required further medical advice and follow up. The potential for intervention in a population strategy to reduce the cardiovascular risk factors and control the epidemic of cardiovascular disease cannot be neglected. (J HK Coll Cardiol 2001;9:126-132)

Key words : Cardiovascular risk screening, community health promotion

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