Asian Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Volume 2 Number 1, March 2002



目的 結合醫用放射性廢物產生的特點設計一種雙池自流式放射性廢液污水處理池。方法 取放射性核素碘-131 370KBq加入500ml生理鹽水中,通過醫用輸液器以60滴/min的速度分別引進A、B、C模型入口。每週一次,至第四周池滿。第五周引進放射性生理鹽水同時收集出口流出液。按每50ml流出液收集30ml於塑料試管中,各10管。以甲狀腺吸碘功能測量儀測定各管cpm值。結果 三組流出液的放射性cpm值分別為A:1374.5±235.6、B:920.3±149.1、C:533.3±89.7。A、B模型cpm值配對t檢驗,t=3.06,p<0.05;A、C模型cpm值配對t檢驗,t=7.45,p<0.01;B、C模型cpm值配對t檢驗,t=4.31,p<0.01。結論 這種雙池自流式污水池較目前使用的分隔污水池更經濟實用,可省去人工操作和不必要的麻煩,值得推廣。


Design of an automatic flow radioactive polluted water sewage disposal system

Chen Jianhui
Department of Nuclear Medicine, 1st Hospital of Nanhua University. Hengyang 421001, China

Objective We have designed an automatic flow radioactive polluted water sewage disposal system, which has double pool according to the characteristic of discharge of medical radioactive pollution. This study is aimed to test the efficiency of this system. Methods Radioactive solutions of 37KBq radioactive 131I in 500 ml normal saline were prepared. They were than infused into the system mouths A, B, C through medical infusion tubes at a speed of 60 drops per minute once a week. The pool was full in the fourth week. In the fifth week, and overflowed. Overflow from the pool was collected 30ml per 50 ml overflow. 10 tubes were collected for each system. Radioactivity in counts per minute (cpm) was measured for each tube by standard method of 131I thyroid uptake function test. Results: cpm of each groups was A: 1374.5±235.6; B: 920.3±149.1 and C: 533.3±89.7. Students test was used to examine groups: A and B, t=3.06 p<0.05; A and C, t=7.45 p<0.01; B and C, t=4.31 p<0.01. Conclusion: This kind of flow automatically double pool sewage disposal system is more economical and simpler, be worth of popularization.

Key Words: Radioactive; Sewage; Double pool

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