Asian Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Volume 2 Number 1, March 2002


雲南省第二人民醫院(省紅十字會醫院)臨床核醫學科,昆明 650021,中國

目的 重度增殖性及特發性疤痕,研究其通過手術切除疤痕後局部核素治療之療效。方法 34例重度疤痕患者,均通過手術切除疤痕後局部32P及90Sr敷貼器治療,核素治療1∼4療程。結果 34例病例中,術後追蹤隨訪一年至四年半,達到治癒標準者30例,復發4例。結論 手術切除疤痕後核素治療,療效肯定,核素劑量安全,佩戴及治療方便,不失為治療重度疤痕增生的一個較好的方法。

【關鍵詞】 重度疤痕增生;手術;核素治療

Clinical applications of post-surgical adjuvant radionuclide therapy in the treatment of serious hypertrophic scar

Cao Weihong, Zhang Guixian.
Department of Nuclear Medicine, The Red Cross Hospital of Yunnan, Kunming, 650021, China.

Objective To evaluate the efficacy of post-surgical adjuvant radionuclide therapy in treating patients with serious hypertrophic scars. Methods Thirty-four cases of serious hypertrophic scars received surgical resection followed by 1 to 4 courses of topical contiguous 32P and 90Sr therapy. Results The 34 cases were followed for 1 to 4 ½ years after operation. Thirty cases reached the standard of cure and 4 cases relapsed. Conclusion The efficacy of post-surgical adjuvant radionuclide therapy in severe hypertrophic scars is confirmed. The advantages of this treatment protocol include safe radiation dosage and convenience in wearing the radionuclide applicator.

Key Words: Serious hyperplastic scar; Keloid; Surgery; Radionuclide therapy

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