Asian Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Volume 1 Number 1, April 2001



Clinical value of combined detection of serum CEA, CA15-3 and SF in lung cancer

ZHOU Aiqing, WANG Xueqin, WU Jianguo.
Department of Nuclear Medicine, Jiangxi Hospital of Oncology, Nanchang, 330029, China.

Objective To investigate the clinical value of combined examination of serum CEA, CA15-3 and SF in lung cancer diagnosis. Methods Serum concentrations of CEA, CA15-3 and SF were measured by chemiluminescent assay (CLA) in 99 patients with lung cancer and 25 patients with benign lung diseases. Results The positive rate of serum CEA, CA15-3 and SF in cases of lung cancer was 50.5%, 31.3% and 69.7%, respectively. Specificity of CEA, CA15-3 and SF measurements was 76%, 78% and 72%, respectively. In combined measurements, positive results of either two parameters revealed sensitivity and specificity of 82.8% and 92%, respectively. Conclusion Combined measurements of CEA, CA15-3 and SF had evidently improved sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing lung cancer and thus were of good clinical value. (Asian J Nucl Med 2001;1:58-59)

Key Words : Chemiluminescent; CEA; CA15-3; SF; Lung Cancer.

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