Asian Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Volume 1 Number 1, April 2001

153Sm - EDTMP治療轉移性癌骨痛100例療效分析


目的 研究放射性核素153Sm-EDTMP治療轉移性骨痛的效果。方法 靜脈注射153Sm-EDTMP1mCi/kg體重,每次間隔4周,3∼5次為一個療程。結果 骨痛完全緩解為 34%(34/100),部分緩解為 45%(45/100),無效 21%(21/100),總有效率79%,在有效的79例病人中,癌腺轉移占60例(P<0.05)。結論 放射性核素治療是靶向治療,對正常組織損傷小,療效比較顯著,且病理類型對療效有較大的影響,即癌腺轉移較其他病理類型轉移癌療效佳。

【關鍵字】 153Sm-EDTMP;骨轉移;骨痛

Efficacy assessment of 153Sm-EDTMP in treatment of 100 patients with metastatic bone pain

GAO Xiaofeng, WANG Baodong, CHEN Yuming, HOU Yuejun. Department of nuclear medicine, Mudanjiang Hospital of Oncology. Mudanjiang 157009, China.

Objective To evaluate the effect of 153Sm-EDTMP in treating patients with metastatic bone pain. Methods 153Sm-EDTMP was injected intravenously every 4 weeks to each patient at a dose of 1mCi/Kg body weight. 3 to 5 injections made one treating process. Results Complete pain relief was obtained in 34 cases (34%), partial relief in 45 cases (45%) and no relief in 21 cases (21%), respectively. The total effective rate was 79%. 60 of the 79 effective cases were those with metastatic lesions from adenocarcinoma (P<0.05). Conclusion 153Sm-EDTMP is highly selective and effective in treating metastatic bone pain, yet the therapy potency is closely related to histological classification that metastases from adenocarcinoma have better therapy response. (Asian J Nucl Med 2001;1:53-54)

Key Words : 153Sm-EDTMP; Bone Metastasis; Bone Pain

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