Asian Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Volume 1 Number 1, April 2001


廣西醫科大學腫瘤醫院核醫學科,南寧 530021,中國。

目的:探討 153Sm-EDTMP治療肺癌多發性骨轉移患者的療效。方法:根據病人的病情及體重,一般按18.5~25.9 MBq/Kg計算,靜脈一次性給藥,每月一次,三次為一療程。結果:治療後疼痛反應療效Ⅰ級19例(24.3%),Ⅱ級46例(59%),Ⅲ級13例(16.7%),總有效率為83.3%。骨轉移灶療效Ⅰ級3例,Ⅱ級6例,好轉率達11.5%。腺癌、鱗癌效果優於小細胞癌。結論:153Sm-EDTMP治療肺癌多發性骨轉移是一種安全可靠、有效的方法。

【關鍵字】 153Sm-EDTMP;肺腫瘤;骨癌;轉移灶

Clinical applications of 153Sm-EDTMP in treatment of multiple bone metastases in 78 patients with lung cancer

XIAO Guoyou; LI Dangsheng; LIANG Yihua; YAO Xinjuan. Department of nuclear medicine, Hospital of oncology, Guangxi Medical University. Nannin 530021,China.

Objective To evaluate the effect of 153Sm-EDTMP in treating patients with lung cancer and multiple bone metastases. Methods A dose of 18.5~25.9MBq/Kg 153Sm-EDTMP was administered once a month to each patient through vein injection according to disease severity and body weight. 3 injections made up one therapy cycle. Results Pain relieves were obtained in 65 patients, with an effective rate of 83.3%. Pain relief of gradeⅠ was observed in 19 patients(24.3%), grade Ⅱ in 46 patients(59%) and gradeⅢ in 13 patients(16.7%), respectively. Lesions of bone metastases disappeared or shrunk in 9 patients, with a positive rate of 11.5%, which included 3 cases of gradeⅠ and 6 cases of gradeⅡ, respectively. Better effects were obtained in adenocarcinoma and squamous carcinoma than in small cell lung cancer. Conclusion 153Sm-EDTMP is safe and effective in treating patients with lung cancer and multiple bone metastases. (Asian J Nucl Med 2001;1:51-52)

Key Words : 153Sm-EDTMP; Therapy; Bone; Metastatic

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