Asian Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Volume 1 Number 1, April 2001


黃石市中心醫院核醫學科, 黃石 435000,中國

目的:探討內皮素(ET-1)、腫瘤壞死因數α(TNF-α)在糖尿病(DM)診治中的意義。方法:用放射免疫分析方法(RIA) 檢測DM患者血中ET-1、TNF-α的含量,並與正常對照組作比較分析。結果:DM患者組的ET-1、TNF-α均較正常對照組有明顯升高(P<0.01),且隨病程增加而增加。結論:ET-1、TNF-α在DM的發生、發展及預後過程中起重要作用,可作為判斷DM患者病情及預後的重要依據。


Significance of EF-1 and TNF-α measurements in diabetics

LIU Gengfu, HU Hua, LUO Mingbo. Department of nuclear medicine, Huangshi Central Hospital, Huangshi 435000, China.

Objective To assess the significance of EF-1 and TNF-α measurements in diabetes diagnosis. Methods EF-1 and TNF-α levels in diabetics were determined by RIA analysis and compared with those in normal contrast group. Results EF-1 and TNF-α uprose obviously in diabetics than in contrast group (P<0.01), and increased with disease prolonging. Conclusion EF-1 and TNF-α play important roles in diabetes occurring, developing and outcoming, thus may act as good criteria in assessing severity and prognosis of diabetes. (Asian J Nucl Med 2001;1:47-48)

Key Words : Endothelin-1 (ET-1); Tumor Necrotic Factor-α (TNF-α); Diabetes

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