Asian Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Volume 1 Number 1, April 2001

應用自製乳腺顯像裝置進行Tc-99m MIBI乳腺腫瘤顯像診斷原發性乳腺癌的臨床研究

陳璟 吳華
華中科技大學同濟醫學院附屬同濟醫院核醫學科,武漢 430030,中國

目的 檢驗自製的乳腺裝置的臨床應用效果。方法 自製乳腺顯像裝置為一種特製的木板框架,兩側邊緣中部鑿成內凹狀,憑藉架下兩對豎槽和兩根橫設的可收縮的皮帶將其牢固固定於檢查床上。我們對60例一側乳腺單發可觸及腫物的女性患者(腫塊直徑為 0.6∼6.5cm),進行仰臥前位及俯臥左右側位顯像,採用10-20min早期相與90-120min延遲相相結合的方法,並應用患乳病變區與相對應健側的計數比值(T/NT)進行半定量分析(>= 1.21為陽性)。結果 99m Tc-MIBI乳腺顯像鑒別診斷乳腺良惡性病變的靈敏度為 92.9%,特異性為 90.6%,準確性為 91.7%,陽性預測值為 89.7%,陰性預測值為 93.5%,總的診斷符合率為 83.5%。結論 應用這種自製乳腺顯像裝置進行上述方案的99mTc-MIBI 乳腺腫瘤顯像,能簡便有效地鑒別出乳腺惡性腫瘤。

【關鍵字】 乳腺顯像; 乳腺顯像裝置; 99mTc-MIBI

Tc-99m MIBI scintimammographic study with a new, simple imaging device

CHEN Jing, WU Hua
Department of nuclear medicine, Tongji Hospital affliated to Tongji Medical College, HuaZhong University of Science and Technology. Wuhan, 430030, China

Objective The present study was performed in order to test the clinical value of a special breast imaging device made by ourselves in scintimammography. Method The device is a special wooden board with two cutouts at two borders. By two pairs of vertical troughs and two horizontal belts, it can be firmly fixed on the examine table. 60 patients with unilateral palpable breast masses were performed Tc-99m MIBI breast imaging with the help of the special device. The early and delay images were acquired at 10min and 1hr after intrarenous injection, in positions of an anterior supine, a left lateral prone and a right lateral prone. A ratio of radioactivity value of mass to appositive corresponding tissue T/NT was half-quantitatively (T/NT>=1.21 is positive). Results The diagnostic sensitivity and specificity was 92.9% and 90.6% respectively, and the accuracy was 91.7%; positive predictive value 89.7%; negative predictive value 93.5% and Youden index 83.5%. The lateral views (which were obtained with help of the device) were superior to routine anterior view in detecting lesions. Conclusion The special device is simple and practical. It may be clinically applied to improve the SMM technique and diagnosis for breast mass. (Asian J Nucl Med 2001;1:16-19)

Key Words : scintimammography; breast imaging device; Tc-99m MIBI

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