Asian Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Volume 1 Number 1, April 2001


王榮福1 秦乃珊2
北京大學第一醫院 1核醫學科,2醫學影像科,北京 100034,中國

目的 探討雙探頭符合線路斷層顯像和增強CT掃描對肺孤立性結節病變診斷的臨床意義。方法 18例 X線胸片示肺孤立性結節病人分別行增強CT掃描和雙探頭符合線路斷層顯像,後者影像經迭代法處理和重建並獲得衰減校正(AC)和非衰減校正(NOAC)影像,並計算腫瘤與本底攝取比值(T/B)。結果 18例病人中,雙探頭符合線路斷層顯像檢出11例惡性病變,其中5例縱隔淋巴結轉移;增強CT掃描檢出10例肺癌,其中6例縱隔淋巴結轉移包括1例淋巴結腫大(>1.0 cm)假陽性。7例良性病變中,增強CT掃描對1例炎性假瘤診為肺癌,雙探頭符合線路斷層顯像對1例結核球診為肺惡性病變。結論 雙探頭符合線路斷層顯像和增強CT掃描對肺部孤立性結節病變定性診斷能力無明顯差異,兩種技術聯合應用更有助於提高診斷準確率。


Comparative study of dual head tomography with coincidencea and enhanced X-ray computed tomography in diagnosis of solitary pulmonary nodule

WANG Rongfu 1, QIN Naishan 2,
1Department of Nuclear Medicine, 2Department of Radiology, Peking University First Hospital, Beijing 100034, China.

Objective To explore the clinical value of dual head tomography with coincidence (DHTC) imaging and enhanced x-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning in diagnosis of solitary pulmonary nodule. Methods Eighteen patients with solitary pulmonary nodules were enrolled in this study. All patients were performed using enhanced CT scanning and using DHTC imaging, respectively. The images of DHTC with attenuation correction (AC) and without AC (NAC) were reconstructed iteratively, and the ratios of tumor-to-background (T/B) were calculated. Results The imaging findings obtained from 18F-FDG DHTC showed 11 cases with abnormal accumulation of glucose uptake taken as malignant lesions, 5 of them having mediastial lymph node metastasis. The enhanced CT detected 10 cases with lung cancer, 6 of them having mediastial lymph node metastasis including 1 case fasle positive with the diameter of lymph node more than 1.0 cm. In 7 cases with benign lesions, the enhanced CT took one inflammatory nodule as lung cancer, and 18F-FDG DHTC with 4.23 of T/B ratio misdiagnosed 1 tuberculoma as malignant lesion. Conclusion The results suggested that DHTC with 18F-FDG imaging and the enhanced CT scanning had no significant difference in diagnosis of solitary pulmonary nodules, but the combination with two diagnostic means could improve the diagnostic accuracy of lung lesions. (Asian J Nucl Med 2001;1:5-8)

Key Words : DHTC; Enhanced CT scanning; Soldiery pulmonary nodules; Diagnosis

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