The Hong Kong Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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Society Information

Name of President: Dr. Kwok Kai Him, Henry
Name of Vice-President: Dr. Ho Mang Yee, Mandy
Name of Secretary: Dr. Fok Pui Chu, Joan
Name of Treasurer: Dr KONG Hing Kei
Name of Council Members: Dr Woo Wai Man
Dr CHAN Hon Keung
Dr SO Hin Pan, Peter
Dr WONG Marcus
Email :
Date of Formation : Revived in 1988
Name amended in 1996 (Previously known as The Hong Kong Society of Occupational Medicine)
Objective / Background of its Formation :
  1. To advance the knowledge and practice of occupational and environmental medicine and to promote occupational and environmental health.
  2. To organize scientific and social meetings in order to encourage the interchange of ideas and to stimulate cooperation in the various field of occupational and environmental health.
Membership Requirement :
  1. Registered medical practitioner in Hong Kong.
  2. Persons not registerable in Hong Kong as medical practitioners who are interested in occupational and environmental medicine or occupational and environmental health.
Principal Activities :
  1. Scientific meetings/Seminars.
  2. Organizing training courses.
  3. Visits to occupational and environment health institutions and industrial undertakings.