The Hong Kong Society of Neurosciences

An IBRO Postdoctoral Training Workshop Program was sponsored by IBRO Commission on Pan-Asian Neuroscience and set up in 1992 in Hong Kong. A workshop was then held from 6th to 25th of April, 1994. Training courses on basic neurosciences were given to young scientists from the South East Asia and China. They were invited to stay in a research laboratory for one of two months which was relevant to their research back home. With the generous donations from the Hong Kong Croucher Foundation and the Hong Kong Lee Hysan Foundation, the Society is able to extend the program and so far over 50 young neuroscientists have already joined the program. In addition, another Postdoctoral Training Workshop Program that is sponsored by IBRO, IBRO School of Brain Functions, is scheduled to be held in December 2000 in Hong Kong. Please refer to our up-coming events page for information.

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