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Objective / Background
The Association is a tax-exempt body since 1991. It provides a cross-disciplinary forum for Dental & Medical Practitioners to come together for professional exchanges. Its main objectives are
  1. To promote, for the benefit of the public, the application of laser technology in Medicine.
  2. To promote the safe operation of lasers in medical management.
  3. To promote research & development in laser usage in medical treatment.



Open to all Dental & Medical Practitioners registered in the Hong Kong SAR


Council Member
President : Walter KING
Hon. Secretary : MOK Chun-On
Full/Ordinary Members : 195


Principal Activities
  • To establish guidelines and code of practice for health care laser systems.
  • To organized scientific and training collaborative programme.
Address : c/o The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong,
Duke of Windsor Social Service Building,
4th Floor, No.15, Hennessy Road, Hong Kong
Tel No. : 2527 8898
Fax No. : 2865 0345