The Association is a non-profit association, which was founded in 1986. Its original purpose was to promote interest in Orthoptics to members of the society. We have now 12 members in the association, all of which are practicing Orthoptists in Hong Kong.

About the Orthoptist

Orthoptist is a profession allied to medicine, which is an integral member of the ophthalmic team. It is usually based in the hospital eye service, but it is increasingly involved in the community and education sectors.

The Orthoptist is involved in the on-going patient care for what in some cases can be several years. Regular assessment enables monitoring of the patients' progress or any changes in the patients' condition which may affect management and prognosis.

The ability to communicate and relates well to patients is essential. Patience, self-motivation and sense of humour also help to enhance a good relationship with the patients, especially when our work is predominately with children.

Roles of Orthoptist

The role of an Orthoptist is to investigate, diagnose and treat disorders of ocular motility, binocular vision and associated anomalies.

The main role of Orthoptists is to:

  1. Squint assessment and treatment, including pre and post-operatively;
  2. Diagnosis of amblyopia (lazy eye) and carry out appropriate treatment;
  3. Assess strength of binocular single vision and potential for binocular single vision;
  4. Assess ocular motility defect, which may be congenital or resulted from various medical conditions such as thyroidism, stroke, tumour and multiple sclerosis.

Other role of Orthoptist:

  1. Visual field testing;
  2. Biometry;
  3. Specular microscopy;
  4. Corneal topography;
  5. Nerve fiber analyzer.

Conventional treatment given by Orthoptist:

  1. Occlusion treatment for treating amblyopia;
  2. Orthoptic exercises for certain types of strabismus to improve control of deviation of strabismus;
  3. Optical aid (e.g. fresnel prisms and lenses) for certain types of strabismus to aid control, to relieve symptoms (e.g. double vision), or to improve cosmetic appearance.

Aim of the Association

The aims of our association are:

  1. To protect the interests of Orthoptists practicing in Hong Kong;
  2. To safeguard the rights and status of our profession;
  3. To promote our services;
  4. To promote our images to the public;
  5. To improve our professional standard by frequently up-dating our knowledge through meetings and conferences;
  6. To provide opportunities for our members to get together and share their experience with other members;
  7. To organize activities for our members for both academic and social purposes.

The Executive Committee for 2000-2001

Miss Frenchy, Chiu Chairlady
Mr Gary, Leung Vice-chairman
Miss Lisa, Wong Secretary
Miss Yuen Sum, Chau Treasurer

Where to Find Us

Our services are available in the following hospitals:

  1. Hong Kong Eye Hospital
  2. Tung Wah Eastern Hospital Ophthalmic Clinic
  3. Caritas Medical Centre
  4. Yan Chai Hospital
  5. Yuen Long Yung Fung Shee Health Centre
  6. North District Hospital
  7. Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital
  8. Li Ka Shing Specialist Clinic of the Prince of Wales Hospital
  9. Child Assessment Centres under the Health Department


If you have any enquiries, you are most welcomed to send your mail to the following address:

Miss Frenchy Chiu, Chairlady / Miss Lisa Wong, Secretary
Room 151, 1st Floor
Orthoptic Unit,
Hong Kong Eye Hospital,
147K, Argyle Street,
Kowloon, Hong Kong.

email :