(Vol.8 No.8 --- October 2003)

The Presidents' Dinner and The AGM

I found myself being confused by the function of the Federation when I was being nominated to serve in its Council some years ago. Some how, I was able to grasp an idea that the Federation in fact was an association of associations (or a society of societies) of the local medical, dental and allied health communities. The Federation no doubt was "born" to serve the associations although I'd rather prefer to look at it in a more interactive way – besides serving the societies, it also acts as their common forum. Without the Federation, we may not be able to have an immediately available structure in which we can talk about our common interest. In fact, we may not even be able to know that there are so many (more than 110 in number) societies formed amongst our colleagues! The Federation shall hold its 18th AGM on 12th November and a new Council led by a new President will be formed. The AGM is not going to be attended by individuals in their own capacities but by people who are in their official capacities in the member societies. Likewise, just last night, we hosted our Presidents' Dinner with guests that included more than 50 presidents (or their representatives) of the member societies. We shared our goal and vision besides the delicious Chinese dinner and the nice wine. In the end, there was even a lucky draw (thanks to Dr. Walter King)! The President Dr. Chan Chok Wan kept reminding us in his speech that according to the M. & A., the Federation should refrain from involving in "political" affairs. I think it would take me some more time before I can really understand how to avoid stepping onto such a "landmine" especially if one understands the word "politics" in its broad sense.

We have always promised our readers (if there is any) that we would publish "useful" articles in the Medical Section. The two short orthopaedic papers in this issue fully illustrate such point and I hope you would find them "useful" too.

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Dr. KWOK Tin-fook