(Vol.7 No.8 --- October 2002)

I have to proof-read (and try to understand) every paper that will be published in the Medical Section. It can be hard for a surgeon like me who know very little about other medical fields. Dr. Chiang's paper of "Management of Congestive Heart Disease" has given me a very comprehensive review of the topic. Reading it is difficult but very worthwhile. According to Dr. Chiang, the three other authors are all world experts and their abstracts are landmark papers of their repective fields. I particularly like the one from Oxford which involved 20,536 study subjects. It has given the answer to an important question of whether cholesterol-lowering therapy can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease death. I think pharmaceutical industry should be very glad to hear that conclusion.

Serving in the FMSHK Council is not all work without play. Last month, our President Dr. Chan Chok Wan hosted a one day trip to Shenzhen. The lunch and the dinner were both excellent (I can tell you the names of the restaurants if you call me). The photograph on page 17 shows our happy faces.

See you again next month.

Dr. KWOK Tin-fook