(Vol.6 No.8 --- October 2001)

The 9th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong was held on 10 June 2001. The theme this year was "Healthy Life Style of the Third Millennium". Traditional medical practice concerns with saving lives. Now we talk about quality of life. The promotion and maintaining a good quality of life starts from a healthy life style.

Speakers from both inside and outside the medical professional were invited to talk on healthy living. The topics selected cover all aspects of living – from environment to food, from sex to pregnancy, from childhood to elderly, from computer to mobile phone, and from work to physical fitness. This wide range of interesting topics is not commonly found in other medical forums.

It is also the goal of the Federation to create a platform for the multi-disciplinary and multi-professional approach to an important health issue. A selection of the abstracts is published here for those who missed the occasion. I wish you might find the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Federation interesting and come next year for a good cause.

Also published in this issue of the Medical Diary is a contribution from the dental colleagues on calcium supplement in tooth loss prevention. It is again a healthy life issue.

Dr. Chi-kuen CHAN
Issue Editor