(Vol.6 No.9 --- November 2001)

The 4th Bilateral Scientific Meeting between the Chinese Medical Association and the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong will be held on 10th November, 2001 at Chengdu, China. The main theme of the Scientific Sessions will be on "Minimally Invasive Medicine". Presentations will be by distinguished speakers from Hong Kong SAR and Mainland of China.

The Asian Laser Forum 2001 and Certificate Course for Allied Health Professionals & Nurses organized by the Hong Kong Surgical Laser Association will be held at the Hospital Authority Building on 9th December, 2001. The main theme of the Forum is on "New Challenges in Laser Medicine". Selected abstracts appear in this issue of the Medical Diary.

In this issue, the special feature contains an article by Dr. Alec FUNG and associates on "Treatment of Hair Loss" and an article by Dr. Edward TO and associates on "Reshaping the Face with Orthognathic Surgery".

The 2001 President's Dinner was held on 9th October, 2001 at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Club House, Happy Valley, 65 participants attended the dinner. This included 56 Presidents/delegates representing 37 Societies. Each table was hosted by at least one Executive Committee member. The President of the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong, Dr. Chan Chok Wan, the Hon. Secretary and Chairmen of the following committees reported their work and plan during the dinner: Education, External Affair, Welfare, and I. T. There was good exchange and discussion on the work of the Federation and suggestion for further improvement.

Once again, Dr. Richard LO and the Annual Dinner Organizing Committee are preparing a night of festivity on 31st December, 2001 at the Ballroom of the Academy of Medicine to welcome the New Year. Come and join your colleagues for an evening of fine food, fun and fellowship.

Dr. Walter W. K. King
Issue Editor