(Vol.7 No.3 --- May 2002)

In this issue, the last 2 interesting and practical papers on Occupational Therapy conclude the topic.

Professor Lao's article shows that how an important medical problem during pregnancy can be concisely summarised in a short but useful essay. Our team of distinguished specialty editors will continue to do the same in the coming issues.

The Hong Kong Medical Diary functions basically as a diary of medical events. It is also a communication channel for the member societies of the FMSHK. The Medical Section however does provide added value to the readers. Our invited experts will write on topics that we think will be useful to our readers at general level. The Editorial Board would like to hear from you more on our performance (email: info@fmshk.org).

I hope our readers will continue enjoy reading the Diary.


Dr. KWOK Tin-fook