Hong Kong Medical Diary
(Vol.10 No.3 --- March 2005)

Table of Content
Front Cover Cover
Editorial 1
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea : Increasing Evidence of Cardiovascular Complications MCHK CME Programme Self-assessment Questions 2-5
Mechanical Ventilation at Home 6-7
Current Perspectives on Management of COPD 8-10
Biomarkers for Asthma: They Useful Clinical Tools? 11-13
Asthma Epidemiology in Chinese: What Have We Learn So Far? 14-16
The Role of Health Professional in Advancing Tobacco Control 17-18
Oral Treatment for Advanced Lung Cancer íV The Story of Iressa Clinical Quiz 19-20
Buddhism: Will It Lead Us to a Happier Life? Answer to Clinical Quiz 21-22
Society News 23-24
Medical Diary of March Calendar of Events 25-28
Pracitcal Putonghua Course for Health Care Professionals
FMSHK 40th Anniversary Art Exhibition

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