(Vol.7 No.1 --- March 2002)

The Hong Kong Medical Diary (HKMD) is an unique publication.

It's unique because it communicates with all doctors and dentist of HK (over 7000 in number) every month. A lot of others in the health care industry can also read it because all member societies of the FMSHK (over 110) receive copies of it on a monthly basis. As a result, the HKMD is in contact with tens of thousands of health care providers of Hong Kong. Its preparation however does absorb a significant bite of the already very scarce resources of the Federation. Its fate was once under very hot debate in the Executive Committee. It was once suggested that we should put the whole thing into our homepage only (how many of you have ever visited the Federation's homepage?). It is in this circumstance that I agree to be the next Editor-in-Chief. To carry on with the good work is not easy. My way is to ask the readers what they want. The recently carried out readers' opinion survey has given us confidence that we should carry on with the publication. 232 people (not a small number in a busy profession) have taken at least a few minutes of their time to fill in the questionnaire. Over 96% of them said that they did read the Diary (so they have found the questionnaire). Nearly 85% thought that the Diary was useful to their practice. Over 81% thought that it should be a source of medical information besides providing society and conference news. However, over one third thought that we should strengthen the medical section. Many specific suggestions have also been received. This reflects the importance of this publication which already has a history of over 22 years. The Diary is now also under the capable help of Dr. Lau Wai Hung, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Contribution from a very strong team of Specialty Editors will ensure our future success. I hope the readers will continue their support by using it as one of their desk reference. I do see that one day, the whole thing will be put on the Net only. But before we totally rely upon our all mighty computer, chopping down a few trees a month seems unavoidable if we have to satisfy those who still do not have the habit of looking at the screen to do some serious work.

Dr. KWOK Tin-fook