(Vol.8 No.4 --- June 2003)

As we are about to conclude our battle against SARS, the Federation is going to hold its Annual Scientific Meeting earlier this year. The topic is: "SARS - Reflection & The Way Forward". The Federation is the society of medical societies. Our President Dr. Chan Chok Wan and the Chairman of the Education Committee Dr. Dawson Fong therefore have invited different groups of health care workers to present in the Meeting. In addition, the medical doctors of Mr. Tung's administration will also come in their official capacities. It will be a very memorable event. Do come.

Following the special issue on SARS, it may not be inappropriate for us to learn more about microbiology. Dr. Ho Pak Leung, our specialty editor of microbiology have kindly arranged the three paper in this issue's Medical Section. I think the topics are all very timely. I hope you would still regard the HKMD a useful source of reliable information.

Looking forward to meet you on Saturday, 21st June, 2003 in the Academy of Medicine.

Dr. KWOK Tin-fook