(Vol.7 No.4 --- June 2002)

What are the similarities between gall stone, headache and mammogram?

The answer is they are all topics of this month's Medical Section.

Those who have "scanned" through our recent few issues of the HKMD may have already noticed that we have not confined the Medical Section to a single topic. I hope by so doing, readers of different background would be able to find some thing that is of their concern. My experience is it is not easy to find summaries that are written in a clearer manner than those three here on these common problems.

If you have visited the Federation's Council Chamber, you would have noticed a beautiful (as I have received only secondary school training in Art, which has left no trace at all on me by now, this is the only description I can think of) drawing on one of its walls. It was a gift by the late Dr. Anita Li and was painted by Professor C Elaine Field. Professor Field passed away in UK on 19th March (news on page 15). On the same page, please note that a fund has been set up in memory of the late Dr. Gerald H Choa.

Lastly, I am pleased to tell you that the HKMD has contributed to the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences by waiving the fee of putting in an insert to advertise the HKMMS's recent Fund Raising Concert.

See you again next month.

Dr. KWOK Tin-fook