(Vol.7 No.5 --- July 2002)

This issue of the HKMD contains 2 interesting papers.

For those who think that ultrasound is totally safe to our patients, Dr. Chau Ming Tak's paper on safety of diagnostic ultrasound gives us a warning that this may not be the case.

Dental topics seldom appear in the HKMD despite a significant proportion of our monthly circulation goes to the dentist. Dr. Samuel Chan's paper on "early childhood caries" is extremely useful not only to the paediatricians but also to those of us who have children of our own.

Our readers may have noticed that the length of our Medical Section does vary a lot this year. This is because we want our readers to spend their time in reading only really interesting and useful papers.

As we are entering the very hot season of the year, the HKMD wishes all of you and your families a very enjoyable Summer holiday.

Dr. KWOK Tin-fook