(Vol.7 No.12 --- February 2003)

Here comes the Year of the Ram.

What is the image of the ram? I hope it is kind of a calm and gentle creature instead of that of a stupid animal that can easily be taken advantage of. Afterall, we all need a calm and stable environment to exercise our expertise and talent (and to earn our living by so doing). Fierce image belongs to those that thrive in the battlefields but not to us. We neither like the mad cows, flu chickens and stupid pigs.

Some of us may take a longer leave during the Chinese New Year. In case you are going to enjoy your holiday at home, Dr. Christopher Lai, our Specialty Editor in Respiratory Medicine has prepared a thicker issue of Medical Section for you to advance your knowledge during your vacation. I have to agree with Chris that the papers are excellent. The only regret is we are not going to gain any CME points from reading them. If you think the Diary should be a source of CME points, do let me know and I can tell you this can be one of our new year's plan. This is the twelve issue after I took up the editorship. Some thing has to be changed before you (and I) get bored.

I received some good comment on the articles of travelling in Hokkaido. This Leisure Section is open to you. You are welcome to contribute your essay of not more than 800 words (provided you trully understand what leisure means). Do contribute.


Dr. KWOK Tin-fook