SPECIAL FEATURE Vol.6 No.10 (December 2001)

Annual Statement of the Council The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong 7th November 2001

Dr. Chan Chok Wan, President

The Year 2001 is an important year for all professionals because it represents the beginning of a new millennium and we are proud that it is another year of success for your Federation. We are pleased to witness the rapid increase in size of this big family to the total membership to 111 (68 full and 43 associate members) whose names are proudly displayed at the lobby of the federation premises. We are extremely encouraged by the excellent attendance of member society presidents at our executive committee meetings: an attempt which we endeavour to promote active participation of members and increase transparency in the running of your Federation. All these are result of dedicated efforts of the Officers, the Executive Committee and the Council. For all their ever-unfailing efforts I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation. Below are some of the major events occurred during the year.

Major Activities of the Federation 2000-2001



Full Members: 68
Associate Members: 43

New Members (Ordinary):

Australian Doctors and Dentists Association of
Hong Kong (February 2001)

The Hong Kong Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (February 2001)

New Members (Associate):

Hong Kong Society of Cytology (February 2001)

Hong Kong Practising Dietitians Union (May 2001)

The Hong Kong Continence Society Ltd. (August 2001)


Management Structure

2.1 Executive Committee:


Dr. Chan Chok Wan
  1st Vice-President: Dr. Wong Pit See
  2nd Vice-President: Dr. Chan Chi Kuen
  Hon. Treasurer: Dr. Walter W.K. King
  Hon. Secretary: Dr. Catherine C.C. Lam
  Deputy Hon. Secretary: Dr. Susanna Lo

Executive Committee Members:


Ms. Anita Y.Y. Chau
Dr. Cheung Tse Ming Dr. Chow Pak Chin
Dr. Dawson T.S. Fong
Dr. Kwok Tin Fook
Dr. Lau Chak Sing
Dr. Albert M.P. Lee
Dr. Lee Po Chin
Dr. Dominic F.H. Li
Dr. Liu Kam Tim
Dr. Richard K.Y. Lo
Dr. Louis C.K. Low
Dr. Timothy F.H. Poon
Mr. Stephen Wong
  During the year 2000-2001: total 12 Executive Committee Meetings.

2.2 Council: Representatives from Member Societies:
Founder Members: 2
Ordinary Members: 66
Associate Members: 43
Total 111

During the year 2000-2001: total 4 Council Meetings.


Hon. Legal Advisors:

Mr. P.C. Woo, C.B.E., LL.D.
Peter C. Wong, Chow & Chow

Hon. Auditor:

Messrs. Li, Tang, Chen & Co.

3. Report on the 35th Anniversary Activities of the Federation held in December 2000
3.1 The First FMSHK Sports Day

It was successfully held on December 10, 2000 at HKU Sports Centre and well attended by 250 participants. Grateful thanks are due to Dr. Kwok Tin Fook and Mr. Robert Siu for organizing the Sports Day and Hong Kong St. John Ambulance for providing first-aid support. The function was solely sponsored by Pfizer Corporation. It has achieved the Federation's objective of fraternity and social promotion among medical and allied health professionals and will continue to organize in the coming years.

3.2 The 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner

It was successfully held on December 31, 2000 at the HK Academy of Medicine Headquarters to celebrate the 35th birthday of the Federation and to welcome the arrival of the millennium. There were 314 participants. Grateful thanks are due to Dr. Richard Lo, Chairman of the Dinner Organising Committee, Ms. Louisa Wong, Ms. Polly Lau, Dr. Louis Shih and Dr. Albert Lee, Masters-of-Ceremony and Mr. Robert Siu, member of the Dinner Organizing Committee for successfully orchestrating this function.

3.3 The 35th Anniversary Publication

A Monograph about the 35 years' history of the Federation was published. It contains variable photographs and current activities of the Federation. It had been distributed to the participants of Gala Dinner and member societies of the Federation.


4. Education Committee

6-session Certificate Course jointly organized with member society:

  1. Certificate Course on Organ and Tissue Transplant in Hong Kong
    • jointly organized with Hong Kong Society of Transplantation
    • held in February 2001
  2. Certificate Course on Orthopaedic
    • jointly organized with The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association
    • held in April 2001
  3. Certificate Course for Respiratory Diseases
    • jointly organized with Hong Kong Thoracic Society
    • held in June 2001
  4. Certificate Course on Immunity and Disease
    • jointly organized with Hong Kong Society for Immunology
    • held in June 2001
  5. Certificate Course on Child Neurology and Developmental Paediatrics
    • jointly organized with Hong Kong Society of Child Neurology & Developmental Paediatrics
    • held in September 2001
  6. Certificate Course on Specific Learning Disabilities for Teachers and Child Health Workers
    • jointly organized with Hong Kong Society of Child Neurology & Developmental Paediatrics
    • held in September 2001
  7. Certificate Course on Childhood Epilepsy
    • jointly organized with Hong Kong Society of Child Neurology & Developmental Paediatrics
    • held in November 2001

10-session Certificate Course for Pre- registration non Hong Kong Medical Graduates

  • jointly organized with The Hong Kong College of Family Physicians
  • held in April 2001
4.3 Annual Scientific Meeting

"The Federation's Annual Scientific Meeting 2001" with the theme on "Healthy Life Style of the Third Millennium" was held at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Building on Sunday, June 10, 2001 (full day symposium) under the chairmanship of Dr. Dawson Fong with the following speakers:

  1. Plenary Session
    Mrs. Mei Ng
    Hidden Risks in the Endangered Environment
    Prof. Samuel S.M. Sun
    Genetically Modified Food - A Scientist's View

  2. Session on Healthy Use of Computers
    Prof. Dennis S.C. Lam
    Eye and Computer
    Dr. Lee Po Chin
    Computer and Orthopaedics
    Dr. Chetwyn C.H. Chan
    Healthy Computer Usage: Modelling of
    Computer-related Discomforts in Hong Kong
    Dr. Wong Chung Kwong
    Psychiatry and Computer
    Dr. Wu Shun Ping
    Epilepsy and Computer
    Dr. the Hon. Lo Wing Lok
    Legislation of Computer Use

  3. Session on Healthy Childhood & Adolescence
    Dr. Lowina H.Y. Tse
    HIV Infection and Pregnancy
    Dr. Chow Chun Bong
    Injury Prevention in the Clinical Setting
    Dr. Elaine Y.W. Kwan
    Obesity: Type 2 Diabetes in Childhood
    - A Worldwide Epidemic
    Dr. Alison McManus
    Physical Fitness of Hong Kong Children
    Dr. Adrian Wu
    Healthy Childhood and Adolescent - Allergy

  4. Session on Healthy Life Style
    Dr. Ho Yuk Yin
    Food Safety - How to Reduce Risk?
    Mr. Yuen Ming Chi
    Pest Control - Dengue Vector Control
    - A Lifestyle Issue
    Dr. Fan Yiu Wah
    Mobile Phone and Brain Tumour
    Dr. Bill T.H. Wong
    Healthy Sex
    Dr. Ho Kin Sang
    Promotion of Elderly Health
    Dr. Kenneth M.C. Cheung
    Genetic Basis of Low Back Pain

5. Welfare Committee
5.1 Tours for members have always received good responses:
  • Tour to Beijing (Chinese New Year 2001)
  • Tour to Hefei and Huang Shan (Easter 2001)
  • Tour to Xian (Easter 2001)
  • Tour to Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou (Easter 2001)
  • Tour to Kunming (Easter 2001)
  • Tour to Chongqing, Three Gorges, Wuhan, Huang Zhan, Guangzhou (Summer 2001)
  • Tour to Xian (Easter 2001)
  • Tour to Silk Road (Summer 2001)

6. Diary Committee
  6.1 Medcom Ltd. was appointed as publisher of the Diary till February 2002.

7. Social Committee
  7.1 The Annual Dinner will be held on December 31, 2001 at the HK Academy of Medicine Headquarters.
  7.2 Talks for Photography Interest Group were held with Dr. Lai Bing Man as convenor.
  7.3 Sports subcommittee was formed under the chairmanship of Dr. Kwok Tin Fook.


Conference Organising Service

Throughout the year, the Conference Organising Service under Dr. Chan Chi Kuen, Chairman of the Committee and Ms. Sigourney Liu, the Conference Organising Manager have organized significant numbers of conferences both locally and internationally gaining popular and favourable comments from the members.

9. Member Relations Committee
  9.1 Presidents or President-designate of member societies are continued to be invited to non-Council session Executive Committee Meetings, and two Executive Committee Members are assigned each time to attend this gathering. There are tea reception before meetings for social gathering.
  9.2 An Open Forum on Health Care Reform was organized on January 16, 2001 for member societies to express and exchange their views. Mr. Gregory Leung, Deputy Secretary for Health and Welfare, Dr. Ko Wing Man, Deputy Director of the Hospital Authority, Dr. Lo Wing Lok, Legislative Council Member (Medical Constituency) and Mr. Mak Kwok Fung, Michael, Legislative Council Member (Health Service Constituency) were invited guests. There were 29 participants from 10 ordinary member societies and 10 associate member societies. 16 member societies expressed their views on the Health Care Reform.
  9.3 The Member Relations Committee met with the Health & Welfare Bureau regarding statutory regulation and registration of allied health professionals as requested by associate members of the Federation on May 23, 2001. It was noted that member societies of allied health professions should write directly to the Bureau for statutory regulation of their professions. Meeting with allied health professional member societies regarding professional indemnity insurance and statutory regulation of allied health profession was held on May 29, 2001. 11 allied health member societies attended the meeting. The Member Relations Committee will source professional indemnity schemes for the allied health professions.
  9.4 The Presidents' Dinner was held on October 9, 2001 (Tuesday) at the Charter Room of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.


External Affairs Committee

The 4th Bilateral Scientific Meeting with the Chinese Medical Association will be held in Chengdu on November 10, 2001 with the topic on "Minimally Invasive Medicine". Member societies have been invited to provide speakers and encouraged members to attend this event. Below will be speakers representing the Federation at the meeting:

The Role of Endoscopic Surgery in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Chow Tak Kun
The Hong Kong Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Stent Graft for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm for Chinese Population
Dr. Kwok Chong Hei, Philip
The Hong Kong Society of Diagnostic Radiologists

Interventional Radiology in Liver Transplant Problem
Dr. Tso Wai Kuen
The British Institute of Radiology (Hong Kong Branch)

Neuroendoscopy - The Role in Neurosurgery
Dr. Aung Tin Htun
Hong Kong Neurosurgical Society

Minimally Invasive Surgery in Newborn & Infant
Prof. Yeung Chung Kwong
Hong Kong Paediatric Society

There will be 6 speakers from China. Wyeth-Ayerst (China) Ltd. and Wyeth (H.K.) Ltd. will be sponsors for the meeting.

11. FMSHK Members' Journal Abstracts

The Executive Committee of the Federation has decided to put up a section,"FMSHK Members' Journal Abstracts" on the Federation homepage to demonstrate content page and abstract of our member societies' journals in order to co-ordinate activities of our member societies, promote publicity of their journals and enhance scientific exchange amongst professionals. An Editorial Board has been formed with Dr. Louis Low as Convenor, Dr. Cheung Tse Ming, Dr. Chow Pak Chin and Mr. Robert Siu as members. Editor-in-Chiefs of societies' journals was invited to a meeting on May 4, 2001 to discuss the logistics and planning of this project. The new section was launched in July 2001. So far, 5 societies' journal abstracts have been posted on the Federation homepage.

12. The Federation Homepage

The contract with Medcom Ltd. as Service Provider of the Federation Homepage is to be renewed for another year from November 2001 at the same service fee. Medcom will enhance the Federation's software and hardware to allow members to edit and update their contents on the Federation homepage directly.

13. Position Paper on the Future Roles and Directions of the Federation

After gathering constructive views from member societies at the Anniversary Presidents' Dinner 2000 and the consultative dinner meeting with members of the Advisory Committee for Policy and Development on October 16, 2000, the Executive Committee had put forward a draft proposal for Position Paper on the Future Roles and Directions of the Federation. It was adopted at the Council Meeting on May 24, 2001.

14. Medical & Dental Directory of Hong Kong, 7th Edition

The 7th Edition of the Medical & Dental Directory of Hong Kong with Dr. Albert Lee as the Editor-in-Chief will be published in November 2001.


Retiring Executive Committee Members

Retiring Officers and Executive Committee Members are as follows:

Dr. Chan Chok Wan
Dr. Wong Pit See
Dr. Chan Chi Kuen
Dr. Catherine Lam
Dr. Walter King
Dr. Chow Pak Chin
Dr. Dawson Fong
Dr. Albert Lee
Dr. Lau Chak Sing
Dr. Lee Po Chin
Dr. Liu Kam Tim
Dr. Timothy Poon‘
Ms. Anita Y.Y. Chau

The Federation is grateful for the immense contribution from the retiring Executive Committee Members during their term of office and look forward to their continual contribution in the future.


Effective communication with members has been a keen concern of the Federation since its inauguration. Channels to enhance bilateral exchange of ideas and information had been developed throughout the years. These include representation of all members at the Federation Council, introduction of the advocate system, invitation of presidents of member societies to attend Executive Committee Meetings, and the significant activities organized by the Member Relations Committee. Encouraged by the success of Anniversary Presidents' Dinner 2000, the Executive Committee has resolved to host this important function annually to promote our goals of achieving fraternity, better communication, and receiving consultation on important issues and policies. At the same time, we continue to consult our Past Presidents and Vice-Patron via the Advisory Committee on Policy and Development seeking views and guidance for future development. Both yielded invaluable feedback and guidance for us to update our roles and to formulate our future activities.

The past twelve months have been another period of vigor and productivity for your Federation. Together with our members, we have successfully hosted a large number of certificate courses for the professionals and the general public, contributing significant revenue for members in well attended courses. At the same time, our conference organizing service continues to efficiently organize scientific meetings, both local and international, for our members with good complimentary feedback from participants. Our in-house meeting facilities have been updated with latest versions of LCD projector and other audio-visual equipment. Popular events such as our Annual Scientific Meeting, New Year Eve Gala Dinner, and the Bilateral Scientific Meeting between the Chinese Medical Association and your Federation, as well as the Medical Diary and other activities of the various Federation standing committees continue to be well received by our colleagues. We are proud to have compiled documents for "Proposed Future Direction and Roles of the Federation", "Communication Networks of the Federation", and "Review of Federation Council Resolutions". We have updated the Federation's Homepage with the newly introduced sections on "FMSHK Members' Journal Abstracts" and "Central Registry for Medical and Health Activities in Hong Kong". Throughout the year, we have focussed on contributing to urgent developmental issues for our allied health professional colleagues, including professional registration and professional indemnity insurance. We are pleased that all these endeavours have yielded fruitful results.

The HKFMS Foundation continues to function well with a large number of public health educational activities via the Zonta Health Van jointly organized by the Foundation and Zonta Clubs of Hong Kong and supported by the Department of Health of the HKSAR and the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong. With the dedicated effort of the project directors, Dr. Walter King and Dr. Polly Cheung, we are pleased to witness the success of the community project on Breast Cancer Awareness which was extremely well received by the professionals and the general public. We are anticipating many more health education programmes in the near future.

While we are rejoicing over our achievements at this festive moment, it is also an appropriate time for us to review the strength and weaknesses of our organization. Your Federation is an organization formed by member societies with no resources input and no direct revenues (membership subscription accounting for 7% of total annual income), while supporting a structured house staff and headquarter premises with regular overhead expenses. It refrains from political activities and avoids interfering with functions of its members. The top management is run by medical, dental and allied health professionals on an honorary basis, most of whom are not formally trained in administrative, business and marketing work but having to execute duties with good vision, dedication and effectiveness.

It thus follows naturally that the Federation would face problems related to funding, definition of roles and directions, sense of belonging and participation in Federation affairs by member societies, in adequacy of working hands, house staff management difficulties, and many many other aspects. These problems offer continual challenges to all officers and members of the Executive Committee. Fortunately under the capable leadership of our past presidents and officials, problems have been overcome year after year. However, it is envisaged that, with the perennial updating of our roles and the increasing amount of activities, problems would escalate and the situation turn acute. I thus appeal to all members and the management to pool resources in facing the future development of our Federation.

All achievements in the year 2000-2001 are results of concerted efforts and dedications of all Officers, Dr. Wong Pit See (First Vice-President), Dr. Chan Chi Kuen (Second Vice-President), Dr. Catherine Lam (Honorary Secretary), Dr. Walter King (Honorary Treasurer), Dr. Susanna Lo (Deputy Honorary Secretary), and Dr. Timothy Poon (Editor-in-Chief of the Medical Diary) as well as Executive Committee Members of the Federation under the instructive guidance of the Council and the enthusiastic support of members. I would also like to congratulate Dr. Chiang Chung Seung of Hong Kong College of Cardiology, Dr. Denis Wong of the New Medico-Legal Society of Hong Kong, and Dr. Ho Yuk Yin of the Hong Kong Society of Community Medicine for being given the Award for Best Attendance at Council Meetings. We appreciate your contributions. For all executive members and the house staff, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hardwork and support and to express my heartfelt congratulations to all your excellent achievements. I look forward to your continual support in the future.