(Vol.6 No.10 --- December 2001)

The Bilateral Scientific Meeting between the Chinese Medical Association and The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong this year is the fourth one. In past years, it was sequentially held in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Chengdu was chosen this time. It was held on 10 November, 2001. The topic was on minimally invasive medicine. I have selected some presented abstracts to be published in this issue of the Medical Diary. Next year, we shall organise the event in Hong Kong SAR.

The economic downturn has hard effect on Hong Kong. The medical publications and scientific meetings are also bearing the blunt. Readers of the Medical Diary should have already found the lack of advertisement in the past issues. The Executive Committee of the Federation, however, is still trying her best to find means to support the publication, and seek long term measure to ensure its sustainability.

On behalf of the Editorial Board, and the Executive Committee of the Federation, I should like to thank the outstanding contributions of the issue editors and authors to the success of the Medical Diary, and your support in the past years. With your continued dedication, we can look forward to alternative forms of publication. Your inspiration is most welcome.

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dr. CHAN Chi-kuen