(Vol.7 No.2 --- April 2002)

In this issue's Medical Section, I have included 7 papers on Occupational Therapy.

Medical care is a team work. Frankly, I did not quite know what was going on in the field of Occupational Therapy until I got a chance to read the abstract book of their recent scientific meeting which contains 59 very interesting papers. I have selected the present topics and have asked the authors to rewrite them specifically for us because I think they have helped me and would help you to know more what OT can offer to your patients. Because of a limited space, two more good papers will be published in the next issue.

I must thank Mr. Samuel Chan, Mr. Maurice Wan and Ms. Rebecca Chan of the Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association for their excellent help in preparing this issue.

I hope as I said last time that you would find the HKMD one of your very useful desk reference.

Dr. KWOK Tin-fook