The Hong Kong Medical Diary is the official publication of The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong with the co-operation of The Hong Kong Medical Association and British Medical Association (Hong Kong Branch).

The Medical Diary is distributed monthly to 8,000 doctors and dentists in Hong Kong. All opinions expressed in the Diary are the Authors' and do not necessarily represent the views of the Federation, member societies or the publisher. Schedules of events in the Diary are up-to-date at time of production. It is advisable for readers to double check details with respective organizations. The appearance of Advertisements in the Diary is not a warranty, endorsement or approval of the products or safety. The Federation and Publisher disclaim responsibility for any injury to persons or property resulting from ideas or products referred to in the articles or advertisements.

Dr. KING Wing-keung, Walter 金永強醫生  
EDITORS Specialties
Dr. CHAN Chun-hon, Edmond 陳振漢醫生 General Practice
Dr. CHAN Chi-fung, Godfrey 陳志峰醫生 Paediatrics
Dr. MOK Chun-on 莫鎮安醫生 Plastic Surgery
Dr. WU Young-yuen, Adrian 鄔揚源醫生 Immunology & Allergy
Specialty Editors Specialties
Dr. AU-YEUNG Cheuk-lun, Henry 區陽卓倫醫生 Paediatrics
Dr. CHAN Chi-wai, Angus 陳志偉醫生 General Surgery
Dr. Norman CHAN 陳諾醫生 Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism
Dr. CHIANG Chung-seung 蔣忠想醫生 Cardiology
Dr. CHONG Lai-yin 莊禮賢醫生 Dermatology & Venereolgy
Dr. CHUH An-tung, Antonio 許晏冬醫生 Family Medicine
Dr. FAN Yiu-wah 范耀華醫生 Neurosurgery
Dr. FONG Ka-yeung 方嘉揚醫生 Neurology
Dr. FUNG Yee-pong, Adrian 馮貽邦醫生 Dermatology & Venereolgy
Dr. FUNG Ho-chuen, Alec 馮浩泉醫生 Dermatology & Venereolgy
Dr. HO Pak-leung 良醫生 Clinical Microbiology and Infectious
Dr. KWOK Po-yin, Samuel 郭寶賢醫生 General Surgery
Dr. LAI Cheuk Seen, Edward 黎卓先醫生 General Surgery
Dr. LAI Kei-wai, Christopher 賴奇偉醫生 Respiratory Medicine
Dr. LAI Sik-to, Thomas 黎錫滔醫生 Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Dr. LAM Wai-man, Wendy 林慧文醫生 Radiology
Dr. LAO Tzu-hsi, Terence 勞子僖醫生 Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr. LEE Man-piu, Albert 李文彪醫生 Dentistry
Dr. LEUNG Wai-tong, Thomas 梁惠棠醫生 Clinical Oncology
Dr. LO See-kit, Raymond 勞思傑醫生 Geriatrics
Dr. MAN Chi-wai 文志衛醫生 Urology
Dr. MONG Hoi-keung 蒙海強醫生 Forensic Pathoogy
Dr. MOK Mo-yin 莫慕賢醫生 Rheumatology
Dr. TEO Man-lung, Peter 張文龍醫生 Clinical Oncology
Dr. TSANG Wai-kay 曾偉基醫生 Nephrology
Dr. TSE Tak-fu 謝德富醫生 Cardiology
Dr. WU Wing-cheung, Stephen 胡永祥醫生 Orthopaedics & Traumatology
Board of Business Consultants Specialties
Dr. LOW Chung-kai, Louis 盧忠啟醫生 Paediatrics
Dr. LO Kwong-yin, Richard 羅光彥醫生 Urology
Executive Director Specialties
Administrative Manager Specialties
Ms. LEUNGYun-lin, Kitty 梁潤蓮小姐