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The objectives of the Hong Kong Hospice Nurses' Association are :
  1. To promote and enhance the knowledge, skill and expertise in training and development of Hospice Nursing.

  2. To promote the welfare and protect the interests of nurses engaged in Hospice Care.

  3. To provide for the delivery and holding of educational activities including lectures, classes, conference, exhibitions and public meetings and to publish bulletins for the advancement of Hospice Care.

  4. To send representatives to attend and participate in conferences and other events in training and development in all parts of the world.

  5. To grant scholarships and to make recommendations to any institution or organization whose objectives are similar to those of the Association.

  6. To liaise between the Association and the respective authorities when necessary.

  7. To comment on policies and enhance Hospice patients' right.

  8. To acquire knowledge and skills from overseas experts and tranfer or tranform to fit local setting.


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