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The Hong Kong Hospice Nurses' Association was established in 1997 by a group of hospice nursing course graduates and pioneers in hospice nursing, with the aim of uniting hospice nurses and promote hospice development. Our slogan is

For Hospice Care, We Join. In United Spirit, We Stride.

We emphasize on joint effort in the promotion of holistic care and hospice spirit. Our members come from hospice and palliative care units in different hospitals throughout Hong Kong. We also have members not working in hospice unit but are dedicated to the specialty. With the growing number of trained hospice nurses each year, our members have increased to 120 in 2003.

In the past few years, the association was active in training and research. We jointly organized scientific meetings with other academic organizations. We invited local and overseas experts to give seminars in a range of topics including ethical issues, spiritual care, family therapies and personal growth. We conducted researches and presented papers in international conferences such as the Asia Pacific Hospice Conference, Hong Kong International Cancer Congress. We also continued to respond to the public discussion on euthanasia in recent years.

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