Official Statements,
Guidelines and Documents

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Position paper on Exposure to lead and mercury in children and chelation therapy

Guidance note - Application for Support of Temporary Medical Registration of Overseas Doctors for the purpose of Clinical Teaching in a Private Hospital

Stop Smoking for Our Children's Sake - Press Conference on 29 May 2002

Smoke Cessation Kit for Paediatricians

Response to Government Consultation Paper on Child Pornography

Guideline of Accreditation in Training - Issued by Accreditation Committee in 10 June 2004

HA Guideline on Enteroviral Infection

Sports and Physical Activities for Children in Health and Disease

Nonpolio enterovirus (NPEV) infections in infants and children

Position paper of the College on "Classification of vaccines, toxoids, antivenoms and immunoglobulins"

Response to the Harvard Report

Cord Blood Banking for Future Transplantation