Appendix 2

Advice on Enterovirus Infection

The causative agent :

Enteroviruses are small RNA viruses divided into 5 groups and many types, including Polioviruses (3 types), Coxsackieviruses A (23 types), Coxsackieviruses B (6 types), ECHO viruses (31 types), and Enteroviruses (4 types, EV-68 to EV-71).

Mode of Transmission :

Clinical Manifestation :

Preventive measures :

Personal hygiene is most important in avoiding the acquisition and transmission of enterovirus infection.

  1. Wash hands thoroughly before eating, after going to the toilet or handling nappy/excreta.
  2. Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.
  3. Clean thoroughly surfaces of toys and other appliances.
  4. If a child is suffering from HFMD/herpangina,