Members' Benefits

Caltex: Discount for Petroleum

The College has made arrangements with Ming Xing Investment Company Limited, the agent of ¡§Caltex Oil Hong Kong Limited¡¨ to offer a discount for the purchase of petroleum to members and staff of the College. Ming Xing Investment Company Limited will issue ¡§Caltex StarCard¡¨ to first time applicants or inactive StarCard holders for a period of not less than 6 months from the date of application (Those ¡§Vehicle Registration Numbers¡¨ submitted for application, which have been registered with Caltex for the StarCard and have transaction within 6 months, are not eligible for application). The Caltex StarCard is a charge card issued by Caltex with accessible services from Ming Xing Investment Company Limited. It can be used to purchase gasoline and diesel from any Caltex petroleum stations. Every litre purchased will be offered to a special discount of HK$1.00 off gas station retail listed price.

All Fellows, Members and Associates are eligible to enjoy the benefits subject to the above-mentioned rules. They should apply directly to Ming Xing Investment Company Limited¡¨ using the Application Form at Appendix I and Direct Debit Form at Appendix II. Members are advised to study the details of the arrangement at our College Website under the Members¡¦ Section.

(1) Application Form
(2) Direct Debit Authorization Form
(3) Information for Application