PYNEH - Comprehensive Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre
Education Programme

A. Objectives:

This programme aims at enhancing the sharing of expertise and better communication among hospital professional and community partners working with handicapped children. Topics will focus on paediatric rehabilitation.

B. Programme

Date Topic Speaker / Department
27 Feb 2003 Physiotherapy Training for Spastic Diplegia Mr Dicky Wong, PT
7 August 2003
24 Jul 2003
Hip Problems in Cerebral Palsy Dr WL Tsang, O&T
28 Aug 2003 Diagnostic Audiology for Children Mr Patrick Chan, Audiology
30 Oct 2003 Prosthetic Management for Children with Lower Limb Abnormalities Mr KW But, P&O
18 Dec 2003 Management of Spasticity in Cerebral Palsy Dr Wilson Yeung, Paed
26 Feb 2004 Strabismus and Binocular Visual Problem in Handicapped Children Dr TC Ko, Eye
29 Apr 2004 Management of Spastic Upper Limb after Botulinum Toxin Injection Ms Sally Liu, O&T
24 Jun 2004 Paediatric Articulation Development Paediatric ST Service Provision in HA Ms Lucis Ho, ST
26 Aug 2004 Understanding and Helping Children with Asperger Syndrome Ms Nadasa Liu, CP
28 Oct 2004 Rehabilitation Service for the Handicapped Children Ms Fung Ching, MSW
30 Dec 2004 Dietary Management of Growth Problem of Handicapped Children Ms Cherry Law, Diet

Date: As listed above (Thursday afternoon)
Time: 4:30 to 5:30 pm
Venue: Room 01, Muticentre Block B, PYNEH