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Announcements from Committees

Announcement from Council
New College Chamber for Hong Kong College of Paediatricians
Announcement to all COSs/Training Supervisors on 3 May 2004
Accreditation of Fellows as Trainers for Basic and Higher Paediatric Training Programmes
2004.03.23 - Press Release in Response to An Article in Mingpao dated 18 March 2004
2003.11.27 - Guidelines on Application of Prospective Accreditation of Higher Training Programme undertaken by Trainees in Overseas Institutions.

2003.09.26 - Guideline on Interruption of Paediatric Training

2003.01.28 Recent Council Resolutions

Guidance note - Application for Support of Temporary Medical Registration of Overseas Doctors for the purpose of Clinical Teaching in a Private Hospital

2002.11.23 - Minutes of 11th AGM

2002.03.24 - PALS Course to be included in Basic Paediatric Training

2002.01.22 - Guidelines on Higher Training

2002.01.22 - Recent Council Resolutions

Announcement from House Committee

McBarron Book Offer

To : All Fellows, Members and Associates of the College

Re : McBarron Book Offer

Medical personnel would normally enjoy a 10% discount off all medical books. A special arrangement with McBarron has been made to allow a further 2.5% discount for our College Fellows / Members / Associates.

House Committee
Hong Kong College of Paediatricians

Task Force for Higher Training of Paediatric Subspecialties

Guidelines on the Criteria for the Accreditation of a Paediatric Subspecialty Training Programme (revised version dated 7 January 2004)

HKAM Council Reference Documents:

Reference Documents from Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada:

Presentations by Dr CW Chan at the Meeting with Subspecialty Groups on 11th February 2004

Summary of the Questions raised from Subspecialty Groups, COSs / Consultants, and Feedbacks from the Task Force - as at 24 March 2004
Announcement from Education Committee

CME Annual return forms

Application forms for CME Study Groups

PALS Course September 2005
PALS Course Application Form

2005 Paediatric Update No. 2 - Medico-Legal Seminar 11 September 2005
Car Parking facility Registration
Announcement from Accreditation Committee

Application for Retrospective Accreditation of Training in Paediatrics

Guideline of Accreditation in Training - updated by Accreditation Committee on 10 June 2004
Announcement from Examination Committee
MRCPCH Examination Part I Sept 2005
Diploma of Child Health Written Examination Sept 2005
Revised Guidelines for Exit Assessment - To Be Implemented from December 2007

MRCPCH Clinical Examination

Information on DCH examination 2005

Changes to MRCPCH Part One examination
MRCPCH Part II / HKCPaed Intermediate (Written) Examination, 23 August 2005
Circular on MRCPCH Clinical Examination, 1-2 November 2005

Announcement on DCH Clinical Examination, 3-4 November 2005

Announcement of Exit Examination on 15 December 2005
- Application Form

MRCPCH Part II / HKCPaed Intermediate (Written) Examination, 13 December 2005

Announcement of MRCPCH Part I Examination (17 January 2006)

Announcement of Diploma in Child Health Written Examination (17 January 2006)

Announcement from Membership Committee
Overseas Membership and Fellowship
Announcement from CME subcommittee
Synchronization of CME
Revised CME/CPD guidelines (06 July 2005)
Announcement of Professional and General Affairs Committee
Annual social function Announcement