At the last Council Meeting on 17th January 2003, it was resolved that :

(I) Exit Assessment
  Only three dissertations will be required to be submitted by trainees sitting the Exit Assessment in December 2003 and thereafter. There should be one dissertation from each of the following categories :
  (1) research study
  (2) review of the literature of a clinical problem
  (3) case report
  A research study can replace any one of the other two categories. Research protocols are no longer acceptable as submissions for the purpose of the Exit Assessment.
(II) Joint DCH Examination
  The Joint DCH Examination fee for year 2003 and thereafter will be increased as follows :
  (a) Written :
HK$2,500 (for candidates exempted from the MCQ Paper)
  (b) Clinical :
  I would be grateful if you could bring this to the notice of all the trainees in your department.

Louis C.K. Low
Honorary Secretary