At the Council Meetings in 2001, several resolutions were passed by Council which may have an impact on your trainees undergoing Basic and Higher Training in Paediatrics in your unit.
  1. The regular day-time duties of a trainee would be assessed as the recognized training in that paediatric subspecialty / child health related specialty irrespective of the outpatient and on-call duties.
  2. Paediatric Intensive Care is reaffirmed as a subspecialty in Higher Training.
  3. In view of the recent de-linking of the Written and Clinical examinations of the MRCPCH Part II Examination, Council resolved that all trainees who have undergone more than 18 months of the Basic Training programme will be eligible to attend the Postgraduate Training Course organized by our College.
  4. The College Council resolved that an administrative vetting fee of HK$10,000 would be charged for each individual submission of application for retrospective accreditation of paediatric training irrespective of whether the doctors are trained locally or in overseas centres.

Trainees should be advised that the vetting process takes time and the outcome cannot be predicted. COSs and Training Supervisors should try their best to encourage their trainees to join our College as Associates, Members or Fellows as soon as they are eligible. Also, COSs should bring this resolution to the notice of those trainees who did not join the College as Associates/Members within the 6 months grace period and thus resulting in a delay in the recognition of their Basic or Higher Training.

Prof. Louis C.K. Low
Honorary Secretary