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Dr. Dawson Fong , President FMSHK, 2003 - 2005

The Evolution

The establishment of the FMSHK is a response to Hong Kong's call at the end of World War II for better and quality assured medical services in Hong Kong. Leaders of our medical community saw the need to start an organization that would be responsible for promoting the advancement of knowledge and continuing education of the medical and allied health professionals, and for coordinating these individual professional bodies to work together in a positive and integrated manner. This concept of a federation received the support of the academic community and the Medical and Health Department of the time, as well as the then Governor, Sir David Trench.

Professor C. Elaine Field (Chairman of the Federation Working Group) and dedicated founding members worked towards the Federation's establishment. On 18th February 1965, The Federation was inaugurated with Dr. the Hon. A.M. Rodrigues elected as the first President. The Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association (later to become today's Hong Kong Medical Association) and the British Medical Association (Hong Kong Branch) were founder associations, and medical and allied health organizations registered with the Government joined the Federation as members.

Since its inauguration, the Federation has had the honour of having the Governors of Hong Kong and now the Chief Executive of the HKSAR Government as its Patrons, providing the guidance for achieving its goals and mission. The Patronage has also symbolized the continuing co-operation between the Government and the medical sector in building a better and healthier Hong Kong.

Within 10 years of inception, the Federation was able to establish its own premises through Government support, and the first Medicine Directory was published in 1970. In 1986, the Federation became incorporated.

The Federation Today

The Federation today is a medical professional non-profit making body comprising medical, dental and allied health professional societies. Its membership has grown from the original 12 to the present 107 (66 full and 41 associate members) representing more than 50,000 individual professionals altogether with the following categories:

  1. Bodies representing the interest of their respective professions
  2. Specialty Societies
  3. Subspecialty Societies
  4. Procedural sub-specialties
  5. Health Administrative Groups
  6. Nurses and Midwives
  7. Therapists (Physical, Occupational and others)
  8. Pharmacologists and the Pharmaceutical Industry
  9. Medical Technologists
  10. Nutritionists
  11. Medical Legal Specialties
  12. Interest Groups within the profession
  13. Fraternity Groups within the profession.

At present, the Federation has its own premises and publications, and has developed into a well-established body for the promotion of a high standard of practice by medical and allied health professionals in Hong Kong, as well as for the welfare, cooperation and fraternity between all specialties it embodies. At the same time, the Federation continues to refrain from involvement in political affairs. The Federation also aims to avoid the overlapping of roles and functions with its own members, as well as with other medical bodies which may also oversee professional standards, quality assurance or rights of individual professionals in Hong Kong.


On 25th February 1999, the Council of the Federation published its vision, mission and value.

VISION The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong strives to become the representative professional body dedicated to coordinate the activities of medical, dental and allied health organizations in the HKSAR and to liaise with related professional societies worldwide.
MISSION The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong endeavours to provide the leadership and mechanism whereby the activities of member societies can be coordinated to promote professional interests, achieve fraternity and to advance common ideals of the medical, dental and allied health professions of Hong Kong.
VALUE The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong holds that the common interests of the medical, dental and allied health professions as well as the individual interests of each member society are of paramount importance, and will strive to promote and defend them to the best of its abilities and resources.

The Management

The officers, executive committee members and representatives from each member society present at the General Meeting constitute the highest body of the Federation. The transactions at the General Meeting requiring the approval of the majority of the quorum are responsible for safeguarding and amending constitutions, making policies, electing officers and executive committee members, appointing advisors, adopting annual reports as well as supervising over major activities of the Federation.

The Council, which has the responsibility to manage and conduct the affairs of the Federation, consists of:

  1. The President of the Federation
  2. The First and Second Vice Presidents
  3. The Honorary Secretary and Treasurer
  4. The Immediate Past President
  5. Fourteen Executive Committee Members
  6. Two representatives from each of the Founder Members
  7. One representative from each of the Full Members
  8. One representative from each of the Associate Members

The Executive Committee of the Federation is responsible for implementing the policies and decisions of the Council, and managing the day to day activities of the Federation. It consists of:

  1. The President of the Federation
  2. The First and Second Vice Presidents
  3. The Honorary Secretary and Treasurer
  4. The Immediate Past President
  5. Twelve Committee Members representing Full Members
  6. Two Committee Members representing Associate Members

Currently there are ten Standing Committees responsible for performing the various functions of the Federation:

  1. The Business & Finance Committee
  2. The Conference Organizing Committee
  3. The Education Committee
  4. The External Affairs Committee
  5. The House Committee
  6. The Member Relations Committee
  7. The Publication Committee
  8. The Secretariat Committee
  9. The Social Committee
  10. The Welfare Committee

Communication with the Federation's numerous member societies (and through to their individual members) is facilitated through an Advocate System where Executive Committee members act as advocates for a number of designated member societies. The Member Relations Committee also is charged with looking after the needs of member societies, and maximizing the involvement of members in the Federation's development and running.

Two Advisory Committees support the Federation:

  1. Policy and Development (consisting of President, office-bearers and past Presidents of the Federation)
  2. Corporate Finance (consisting of Hon. Treasurer, officers and vice-patron of the Federation)

Current Activities

Annual activities of the Federation include a wide range of educational activities and certificate courses both for professionals and the public, an annual scientific seminar organized with the participation of member societies, and a joint scientific meeting with the Chinese Medical Association, welfare activities including tours, insurance packages and credit facilities. The Federation provides an efficient conference organizing service for members as well as outside professionals. The Medical Diary published monthly by the Federation provides detailed information on scientific meetings held locally and overseas as well as articles written by local medical specialists. The Medical Diary also provide members with Federation news and information on social and interest group activities. The highlight of the social programme each year is the Annual Federation Dinner. The Medical and Dental Directory of Hong Kong with its 7th Edition under preparation, has become an icon for the Federation by virtue of the valuable professional and organizational data for the medical, dental and allied health professionals included therein, and serves as an indispensable reference for Hong Kong's medical community. With the establishment of the Federation Foundation in 1999, fund raising activities for the Federation and its worthwhile causes are now being carried out with the mission of promoting the work of the Federation and maximizing its contribution to the public in medical and health related matters.

Future Directions

With its ever rising representation and recognition by Hong Kong and international professional bodies and the public, and with the rapid changes within medical and social arenas, the Federation will continue to perpetually review its future roles to meet its challenges. The launching of new Website in year 2000 is an important witness to its efforts in this direction.

With Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty, consolidation of medical specialty accreditation and education through the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, evolution in definition and scope for various medical and health professions, changes in medical care structures and rising public expectations, the Federation is evolving and responding to these challenges. For this to succeed the active participation of member societies is of utmost importance and with dedication, it is certain that the Federation will go from strength to strength in the New Millennium.

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